Sprinkler Inspections

Why Are Sprinkler Inspections CT Important?

Just like indoor plumbing, catching sprinkler issues early can save you money and prevent many major headaches. Irrigation system inspections can:

  • Ensure you are not wasting water through leaks or poor programming

  • Check whether the system is properly watering each area of your landscape

  • Assist with the startup and winterization process

  • Provide vital information for your home inspection when buying or selling your house

  • Catch small mechanical issues before they lead to larger problems

Let Pilgrim Home Inspections inspect your irrigation system today so you’re in the know when buying your home!

Lawn irrigation is a seasonal inspection. Generally sprinkler systems will be shut down and winterized from November through March. We don’t provide winterization services.

Contact us today for your sprinkler inspections CT!